Smart Hiring: Cegid’s Way of Job Multi-posting, with Catherine Guhur

Multi-posting has become an essential and virtually irreplaceable tool for all recruiters. Because no single job platform can consistently provide the right results all the time, let alone find all the right candidates in a reasonable timeframe, it has become commonplace for HRD’s to put their multi-posting skills to work.

On the surface, multi-posting doesn’t seem all too complicated. The reality, however, is that Recruiters are still struggling with getting multiple job postings online through multiple job boards, paying multiple bills and multiple procedures. Throw in analyzing each posting’s data from multiple sources, and the time it takes to scan each resume – you’ve got lots of valuable time wasted on such a menial task. Are HR Departments missing out on the right talent because they’re too busy posting jobs?

Since HR has now become the backbone of any strong organization; they are in charge of attracting, recruiting, onboarding and retaining the market’s top talent, wouldn’t it be nice if they had the necessary tools to streamline that entire process?

Today we sat down with Catherine Guhur, Director of RITA Operations at CEGID, to discuss how her recruitment strategy focused career in business development has shaped her precision in simplifying the lives of hundreds of recruiters.

CEGID: What do you like most about your job? What impact do you have on simplifying the lives of recruiters?

Catherine Guhur: A large portion of my job entails assisting our clients with choosing the right tools, finding the right platforms and advising them based upon their specific needs, so I focus on being their partner. I’ve found that being in constant contact with our clients has helped me to better understand their needs and guide their recruitment strategies accordingly. I would say that the most rewarding aspect of my job is knowing that we’ve made a difference when it comes to helping companies meet their strategic goals through recruitment and maximizing their ROI.

C: What is job multi-posting and how does it impact HR in relation to Time vs Money?

CG: With multi-posting, everything is centralized into one location, so it allows companies to post jobs to multiple platforms in a single click, thus cutting down on the time it takes to recruit. In turn, since less time is being spent on job posting jobs, HR now has time for more value-add tasks which instantly effect your ROI. Additionally, multi-posting platforms provide you with metrics that you can monitor and evaluate your recruiting successes such as intention to apply for example; letting you know where your best results are coming from and helping you capitalize on them.

 C: What is the most efficient way to post a job? Do you have any tips? 

CG: First of all, you need to be precise about what you’re looking for; even if its trendy to use flashy terms. The reality is, people are searching jobs not clever expressions like Unicorn or Ninja.

You need to sell the position to attract talent. If you’re going to ask a potential candidate “why do you want to work for us,” then it’s a perfectly reasonable expectation for a candidate to question why they should work for you. What are you offering that sets you apart from your competitor?

Finally, you also need to walk a mile in an applicant’s shoes: put yourself in their position. If you were looking for a job, what would you do? What keywords would you look for? I’ve seen it all too often: a posting title using internal corporate jargon that has no relevance to the position nor the offering.

Keep in mind that selling a job is the same as selling a good product or service: if the customer is satisfied, they’ll come back and, chances are, will recommend you to a friend or relative. The same can be said about job postings: if you sell me a position that doesn’t reflect your offering, corporate image or values, not only will I quit (in turn affecting your turnover rate, costs etc.) but I won’t speak well of you and I definitely won’t recommend you.

Honesty is your best policy. Don’t try to sell something that differs from what your employees are saying (your Talent Brand).

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